Friday, March 23, 2012

You are a wonder

And so am I.  The human "machine" is so amazing: and it's designed to take care of itself.  Given a chance it creates a beautiful now for you to enjoy and does this over and over and over.  You're constantly recycling yourself:  taking cells offline, throwing them out, and replacing them with brand new ones:  perfect copies of the old ones and they go right to work doing just what they're supposed to.  AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN AWARE OF IT.  Your body just does it.

So what?  Well, what this means is it is never too late to create your happy body.  Since you're always building the new one, you can remove impediments one by one until one day you'll be in a pain-free body: ready, willing, and able to do what ever you feel like.  Even if you're someone who has trouble getting your shoes tied, you are replacing your cells at exactly the same rate as the cover girl on Mademoiselle (do they still print Mademoiselle?) magazine.  So you can make significant changes to how much fun you have while occupying the amazing body you've created.

Your body is designed to "right" itself.  Cut your hand, some blood will dry there to form a scab, covering the hole you just made.  It does that automatically.  If someone opens the window and you get chilly, you'll get goose bumps and your hair will stand up to help trap air around your body to help maintain its temperature: an insta-sweater, if you will.  The "operations manager" of your body has been on the job for as long as you've been breathing.  It works flawlessly and coordinates an extremely complex system.  And you don't even have to think about it:  it just happens.

You are the CEO of this glorious configuration you know as your body.  Your major concerns might be:

1. Fuel:  Your body can get by on just about anything at all (also miraculous) but is happiest when its nutritional needs are met amply.  I won't talk about nutrition. Once you're 'in touch' with your body, it's going to TELL you what it likes to eat if you're listening.

2. Rest:  You can likewise get by on too little sleep, but consistently getting enough rest is a major component of establishing conscious awareness of how you're doing physically, so you can "hear" your body's communication when it tells you "I'm hungry" or "I'm tired."  Many of us confuse these messages and eat when we're tired (or in response to other stimuli).   Sometimes you're tired, not hungry, and you CAN know the difference.  Your body is talking to you,  are you listening?

3. Activity:  The difference between youthful vigor and where you are right now is how you move and how much you move your body; habits you have developed.  To move or not to move; this is the question.  Your body can get by with very little movement (did you see Wall-E?) but is happier when it's moving and happiest when it's moving a lot.  If you have pain in your body:  your body is talking to you, are you listening?  If you get yourself moving in the designer-specified manner, you'll be using your body in a manner which optimizes it's functionality.  Moving will become less and less painful and more and more fun.

Knees hurt?  Pharma would rather sell you a pill.  The doctor/specialist would rather replace your parts; to them surgery is cool.  I'm here to suggest that you are supremely well-equipped to fix/maintain yourself all by yourself.  There are a few things to learn but they all make good, common sense and you can absolutely understand and do them.  Yes, you can.

I know you can because are a wonder.   (Even the idiot on the freeway who cut me off yesterday is a wonder).