Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life's more fun when your body works right

How can I know, you may ask.  And you'd be right to ask.  This blog is primarily what I've learned about the care and feeding of your miracle fun machine, and what you can do to straighten up and fly right.

My teacher, Katy Bowman, is a pioneer in education about the body and how it works best; because there is a 'Goldilocks' place that you can hold your body in, and when you're there, you've gotten out of your own way and your body (your very own miracle fun machine) will do as you direct it and pretty much take care of itself until the day you drop dead.  You're growing up but you don't have to grow old if you hold yourself per the designer's instructions. 

If you're an A-type, you'll want to go to her webpage,

I will be drawing material from this source often, as well as from the greater alignment community (an exclusive club of really smart men and women who've seen the light).  You (and I, too) don't need to exercise EVER, we have only to assume a natural, upright stance and move as the designer intended:  naturally.  I typed that sentence pretty easily, but it'll probably take you a bit of doing to get yourself stacked up in this naturally healthy manner:  where you don't have grip anything, and all your muscles are free to do what they're supposed to do, which is to be ready for your next move....