Monday, May 14, 2012

The best things in life are free :o)

Stressful times.  If you’re not already rich, your net worth has likely taken a beating in the last little while.  Dang, Jim.  For most of us, enriching one’s existence will likely be headed in the “inward” direction, not in the acquisition of cool toys.  My Tesla will just have to wait for me.  And that’s not entirely a bad thing.  What the greed heads don’t want you to know (or feel) because when you do, then you don’t need to buy anything:

The Best Things in Life are Free  :o)

(I feel a song coming on) A genuine smile shared, holding your baby in your arms, a moment to reflect, taking a walk in the sunshine OR on a rainy day and jumping in puddles, or __________(your good and free thing goes here).

For the moment, oxygen is free, so take a deep breath and notice:  are you creating downward pressure on your Pelvic Floor in so doing?  If you move your ribcage to bring air in, make the cavity larger-changing the air pressure-outside air rushes in, downward pressure doesn’t happen.  Huh?

If you ride a horse, the next time you dismount:  notice that their entire ribcage expands as they breathe, it’s not just their belly reaching down to the ground and back up again.  If you toss a stick or a ball to your dog, once they’ve fetched it back to you and set it down, check it out: their entire rib cage grows all over for respiration. The ribcage is a moveable affair.

Put your hands on your own ribcage and see if you can give them a ride away from each other when breathing in deeply.  Breathe into those hands:  booyah!  See?  You can "ride" your hands in and out using the muscles in and around your ribcage. 

Soon, we’ll see swimmers race in the Olympics.  Their ability to compete successfully has a great deal to do with how much oxygen they can take in repeatedly:  the ability to move their rib cages.  After the race is over and they’re hanging poolside or on the ropes, check them out:  their backs are big – the ribcage goes all the way around.

Maybe you don’t partake in competitive sport.  You may take something else seriously, encounter other daily stresses.  In a stressful time [or when you’d like to remain separate from one] give your hands a little ride:  a couple of good, deep breaths.  It’s so relaxing.  And relaxed is where you do your best stuff:  like dancing or singing in the shower or ____________ (your best stuff goes here).